Since I was fiddling with libretto and gridscale anyways and I had the urge to monitor wether or not there are always five snapshots of a certain storage with the youngest being two hours old at maximum, I came up with a small check command for icinga/nagios: gridscale-check

Checking the number of snapshots

%> ./gridscale-check snapshots count -c 1 -w 2 -u 3e63d1792231-49c9-34a1-ac32-9197de37
OK - 6 snapshots exist

Checking the age of snapshots

%> ./gridscale-check snapshots age -c 2 -w 1 -u 3e63d1792231-49c9-34a1-ac32-9197de37
OK - Snapshot is new enough: 2018-04-25 06:29:30 +0000 UTC


I will add support for the various relations to libretto next, once I’ve added that I will add check commands for things like ‘firewall state’, such as:

Please check, wether the firewall with template X is active on instance Y


Just clone the git-repo, all dependencies are vendored via dep.

Monitor all the things!