It’s been a quite year - at least to the observer from the intertubes. :) Let’s quickly recap last year. After a four months of a work-break (first time in 20 years - really something I can recommend, but I will likely come back to that subject in a different post), I started at gridscale in October. The why and how is actually much easier explained than some assume. After many, many years at bytemine (building it up from the ground) and mostly being in the business with services, I wanted to come back to the field of product development. I’ve known gridscale for a while, since with bytemine we were one of their first customers. When I first saw the gridscale user interface (panel) and the approach to dealing with IaaS I immediatly fell in love - as such joining gridscale was the natural way things had to go. While I joined as the product owner, the game quickly adjusted a bit and as the COO I now have the opportunity to not only do my fair share to assure that gridscale is a success but also work alongside one of the smartest persons I’ve so far met. If you watch the gridscale blog you’ll find a post coming from me every now and then. Aside from those changes an even larger event happened: My son Oke was born in february - with the new responsibility of being a father time management has become even more important. Due to that my travelling to conferences has been suspended a bit. For this year a visit at the 2019 edition of the Open Source Monitoring Conference is planned. I will be giving a talk there - the topic will be disclosed as soon as the website of the OSMC lists the talks.