This is a follow up to the blogpost from a year ago. I’ve went back and tested the InfinityBook 14” Pro V4 with OpenBSD-current (as of 2019-09-13).

Last year, hibernate as well as Suspend/Resume did not work properly, this is now fixed and works like a charm. A complete dmesg can be found here.

(The wireless device, an Intel Dual AC 8265 is missing from the dmesg, since I’m using that in a different device currently ;)

In their webshop they only offer the updated v5 variant of this, the v4 is last years modell (they have a 13” version of that still available).

Hardware compat overview

Component Works Notes
Audio yes azalia(4)
Battery status yes acpibat(4)
Bluetooth no OpenBSD has no bluetooth support
Hibernation yes apm(4) - triggered by ZZZ
Keyboard backlight yes Fn+space - three different states
SD Card Reader no theoretically supported by sdmmc(4), but problems initalizing cards
Suspend/Resume yes apm(4) - triggered by zzz
Touchpad yes pms(4)
USB yes all USB ports work fine, including the USB Type C (just for charging)
Video yes inteldrm(4)
Webcam yes uvideo(4) can be disabled in BIOS
Wireless yes iwm(4) - comes with Intel Dual AC 8265