OpenDarwin Archive

macOS / Darwin 11.3 sources released

18 May 2021

Apple has released the 11.3 macOS, well actually Darwin, sources. The sources are up on: For very few projects, like xnu, the sources are also imported into git repositories up on github: With macOS 11 I sta...

OpenDarwin archive

1 March 2017

I’ve been asked repeatedly to make my old OpenDarwin content available. Here it is: od_public_html I’ve left the OpenDarwin project in 2005.

OpenDarwin talks

1 May 2005

In between 2002 and 2005 I gave various Darwin related talks. This is a curated list of them. At WWDC 2004 I moderated the birds-of-feather session on Open Source and Apple. At LinuxTage Wilhelshaven 2004 I gave an introduction to OpenDarwin, the project and the code - slides At the Linux...