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OpenBSD-current on Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro 14" V4

14 September 2019

This is a follow up to the blogpost from a year ago. I’ve went back and tested the InfinityBook 14” Pro V4 with OpenBSD-current (as of 2019-09-13). Last year, hibernate as well as Suspend/Resume did not work properly, this is now fixed and works like a charm. A complete dmesg can be found here. ...

OpenBSD on Tuxedo InfinityBook 14" v2

2 September 2019

TL;DR The InfinityBook 14” v2 is a fanless 14” notebook. It is an excellent choice for running OpenBSD - but order it with the supported wireless card (see below.). I’ve set it up in a dual-boot configuration so that I can switch between Linux and OpenBSD - mainly to spot differences in the d...

OpenBSD 6.4 with nested virtualization at gridscale

21 October 2018

(Disclaimer: I work at gridscale.) OpenBSD 6.4 with nested virtualization at gridscale Since OpenBSD 6.4 was released the other day I wanted to give it a shot on our platform. Especially since we offer nested virtualization support (as a beta) I wanted to see how well the vmm(4) subsystem works...

OpenBSD 6.3(-current) on Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro 14"

11 July 2018

Disclaimer: I came across the Tuxedo Computers InfinityBook last year at the Open! Conference where Tuxedo had a small booth. Previously they came to my attention since they’re a member of the OSB Alliance on whose board I’m a member. Furthermore Tuxedo Computers are a sponsor of the OSBAR whic...

OpenBSD talks

31 January 2010

Over the years I gave a fair share of talks on OpenBSD. The “Zarafa and OpenBSD” talk was presented at the 2009 Zarafa Summercamp. At the Amoocon 2009 I presented how OpenBSD can be used as infrastructure in VoIP environments. “Commercial use-cases of OpenBSD” was the title of the talk ...