My workflow for various items involves working with a git repository on my iPad. As a git client I use working copy. The git repositories are self hosted on one of my FreeBSD servers using gitea behind an apache2 server with a reverse-proxy setup. Recently I ran into the issue that pulling the repo in my iPad stopped working, yet no obvious error message popped up. I then wiped the clone of the iPad and tried cloning the repo again. Now I actually got an error, which looked like this:

[WorkingCopy Auth]

I then tried to clone the same repo on one of my other machines in order to see whether this was a client or a server-side issue:

$ git clone https://gitea-host/repo.git
Cloning into 'repo'...
error: RPC failed; HTTP 502 curl 22 The requested URL returned error: 502
fatal: error reading section header 'shallow-info'

So definitely a server side issue. The repo I was trying to clone is not gigantic but with roughly 5GB in size (cloned) and 2.6 GB repo size not the smallest one either. Debugging a bit further revealed that the reverse-proxy of the apache ran into a timeout. Adding a ProxyTimeout to the reverse proxy config solved it:

ProxyTimeout 480