Tuxedo Computers is known to be an awesome vendor in regard to supporting open source developers, enthusiasts and does offer a good variety of devices. For years they’ve been sponsoring events with devices, see for example this tweet.

That they’re also a seriously good choice when it comes to supplying needs for business customers is what I’d like to cover here.

I’ve known them for years (as one can see from previous posts here) and when a colleague of mine was unhappy with his laptop. His (only few months old) laptop was throttling the cpu almost immediatly with all fans going beserk as soon as he started joining a conference call while running a few containers. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic being in conference calls is hardly avoidable so it became clear that this needed to be solved. However just going for devices out of the blue was not my preferred way so I’ve asked the folks at tuxedo, whether we could testdrive one laptop of choice at gridscale. My colleague submitted his configuration of choice and got exactly that as a testunit. Since I belong to the crowd that find loud fans extremely annoying, I can understand how important it is to testdrive a laptop before settling for it.

With the first attempt we’ve hit the perfect configuration and purchased the testunit. Afterwards I got asked by colleagues whether Tuxedo just did that because I’ve known them for years or whether they just do these kind of things: “Asking in a polite way is the key” was my answer and is what I’m aiming for with this post. Asking never hurts, the style matters and yes: Tuxedo Computers is one of those cool vendors that will do their best to assist the customer in succeeding.

InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen 6

Shortly after I got in touch with Tuxedo again, since they announced the InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen 6 - which features a really high resolution display. So far the typical 1920x1080 was not sufficient for me. The Pro 14 Gen 6 actually features a 2880x1800 which is awesome. This really sparked my interest. I’m currently test driving that laptop and so far, I must say: I’m really impressed. It is really light (1 kg) with an enormous extensibility (I’m runnign with two M.2 NVMe hosting OpenBSD and Linux) and as always with devices from Tuxedo: easily serviceable.

I’ll cover a lot of the gory details in the next couple weeks on this blog.

Stellaris Gen 3

Alongside with the Infinitybook I’m currently having the Stellaris Gen 3 on my desk - equipped with the AMD Ryzen 9. Never had hardware that crunched that fast through a complete build of OpenBSD ;) Stay tuned for some more on that as well.