While it was quite here, I’ve been writing and publishing elsewhere. I need to somehow find a way to manage that content. For starters, I should at least drop it here.

Sad news first: I was supposed to travel to EclipseCon 2022 tomorrow and spend couple days there and give two talks:

Eduard will give the talk without me on tuesday and with a bit of luck there is a replacement speaker for my talk on wednesday. I was really looking forward to travel to EclipseCon and meet lot’s of interesting people just as much I was anticipating to talk on two subjects that currently drive me a lot. However some family issues keep me at home. Throughout the last couple decades I had to re-prioritize every now and then and this is one of those cases.

On the subject of Open Operations, Kurt and I were interviewed by the Cloud Report. The interview is up on youtube. We’ve also published an article with the cloud report on it.

In the october issue of the german linux magazine an article by myself was published on Observability in OpenStack. The article focuses on the stuff we’ve been doing in the SIG (Special Interest Group) Monitoring over at SCS.

In September there was a SCS Mini-Hackathon at Plusserver in Bielefeld. The overall subject was CloudMon. More gory details are up on a blogpost that covers the day. Speaking of Hackathons: In November the 2022 SCS Hackathon is happening in Cologne.

Already back in early September the german Podcast Die Open Source Couch published the episode that was recorded with Ingo Wichman (from LinuxHotel) and me as guests. It was fun recording it. Here and there I would’ve liked it to be more focussed, but for that it would’ve been much longer (and I think, part of their concept is that the episodes don’t become to lengthy).

Reading and listening bits

Empowered - Ordinary People, Extraordinary Products

Am currently reading Empowered - Ordinary People, Extraordinary Products which is the sequel to Inspired. I write sequel, since it really make sense to first read Inspired, as there are quite a few references to it. Just like Inspired, Empowered is a must read for product people (but definitly not limited to). I’ll post a proper review, once I’m done with it.

There is a nice article series over at the Silicon Valley Product Group - Starting with Changing how You Build.

Vorsprung durch Technik

While I’m really not a car fan, this episode of Ship IT is really good. Guest of the show is Sebastian Kister who leads the Kubernetes Competence Center at Audi. If you’re into culture in digital workplaces, this episode is a must listen.