Obviously - at least where I live - winter is not coming so far. I like seasons and temperatures between 4 to 8 degree celsius and rain are OK for november, but in January it should be around freezing with no rain. Nevertheless if that is all I can complain about, life is treating me well.

SCS Recap for January

A lot is happening in the SCS universe. Thanks to Ralf and Eduard, I got sucked into Read all the details on digital swag in this post by Eduard. :)

Upcoming events

Just on the event side of things, quite a few items are upcoming: The upcoming weekend features FOSDEM and that will be a fun and busy days. My colleague Eduard is busy organizing the second SCS Community Hackathon that will happen on the second of March in Nuremberg. In May we will have our very first SCS Summit. Be sure to mark your calendars and keep the 23rd and 24th of March free for our Summit.

Not just partying ;)

Aside from the events schedule, January featured quite a few other aspects. With CVE-2022-47951 there was a pretty nasty vulnerability in OpenStack Cinder, Glance and Nova in regard to parsing VMDKs. We’ve covered this in our SCS Advisory. In the beginning on January we took a quick recap on our work towards R4, to be released in March, since we’re halfway through our current development cycle. As part of my work with upstream (eg. OpenStack), I started to become more active in the OpenStack community. The CfP for this years summit closed on January 10th and I did submit a few proposals - so fingers crossed! :)

Time is ticking away

Friends and colleagues who know me, know that I’m fairly structured when it comes to my work and I’ve previously elaborated here how I structure my weeks. So far, aside from when working freelance for clients, all my timekeeping is done with my calendar. Starting from January I extended this to be more precise and started using timeular. For once, we’re required to keep track of our work time within the SCS project. However I also wanted to have a better understanding of where my time actually goes. Timeular allows me to integrate my calendar, which makes it easy to track items that I already have in my calendar. So far, I’m really really happy with it. I went for timeular for several reasons: The calendar integration was one, the wide range of supported clients (Linux, macOS, iOS as well as Webclient) was another. And yes, I did actually order the tracker. ;)

Lego Serious Play

I’ve had the joy to get an introduction to Lego Serious Play last week. I’ve captured some impressions in a short linkedin post (german content). It was a fun evening. I’m a regular at the CORE Oldenburg - a co-working space in Oldenburg and once a monthy there is a ‘CORE Community Impuls’. The intro to Lego Serious Play was part of that. Lego Serious Play is definitly something that I want to look in further.


I just recently started reading How to Make an Entrepreneurial State: Why Innovation Needs Bureaucracy. So far, I like it.

For product people I really recommend Continuous Discovery Habits: Discover Products that Create Customer Value and Business Value by Teresa Torres - that is one of those must-reads for product people.