The first post in the series “Let’s look at the series of Ted Lasso through the eyes of a manager” ;) Quick links for the ones who don’t know Ted Lasso:

S01E01 - Pilot

Link to this episode on IMDB and to directly watch it: Apple TV+

I’m not going to bisect it in all gory details, but from this first episode I picked couple items where the Ted Lasso character is layed outin his ground believes from the beginning. While thinking over this, I coined the term ‘to Ted Lasso something’, which I’m going to use in the future, if I’m going to tackle something with a very positive and constructive attitude ;)

When Ted Lasso and Coach Beard arrive at the airport in England a driver is waiting for them. The driver wants to carry the luggage but Ted says:

We pack them, we carry them

It is a small hint at how Ted looks at responsibility and delegation. There is no real gain in handing his luggage to the driver. The driver will not carry the luggage in any better way.

Second big moment in the first episode are the two encounters with Nate (actually Nathan). They first meet when Ted and Coach Beard look at the soccer field and Nate comes running in order to hush them of the field - not knowing who they are. The dialogue goes as:

Ted Lasso: We’re supposed to be meetin’ with a Rebecca Welton.

Nathan Shelley: Yeah, that’s where I’m taking you.

Ted Lasso: Oh! Look at this guy, one step ahead. Hey, what’s your name, by the way?

Nathan Shelley: Me?

Ted Lasso: Yeah.

Nathan Shelley: No one ever asks my name.

Ted Lasso: I mean, whenever you’re ready.

Nathan Shelley: Oh! It’s Nathan.

Ted asks for Nates name, which Nate first does not understand since (as he says): “No one ever asks my name” - implying that he is always being taken for granted and thus basically invisble, despite his person and being. Ted doesn’t care in which position others are - he values them for who they are and not what they are. Furthermore he is open from first sight and shows dignity and respect towards the other person. There is no ‘too small’ or ‘too little’ in his mindset. Every person is valuable and should be treated as being so.

Another interesting quote from this first episode is:

Hey, takin’ on a challenge is a lot like ridin’ a horse. If you’re comfortable while you’re doin’ it, you’re probably doin’ it wrong.

That is one to remember for the next challenge to face ;)

This episode features the ‘Believe’ sign for the first time, but that will be discussed in a future episode.