A weekly collection of items and thoughts that I find noteworthy but where I don’t get around to write something bigger about. These might be articles I’ve read, sites I’ve come around, things I learned or cool products I came across.

One book I read this week that I really want to recommend is Kallocain by Karin Boye. Published in 1940 it describes a totalitarian World in which a chemist invents a drug that if injected to a person causes this person to reveal all thoughts and emotions.

While on the subject of privacy, I highly recommend the paper on The Risks of Client-Side Scanning by a group of well-known cryptographers (basically the who is who of the crypto scene). Furthermore I recommend the site of Patrick Breyer on messaging and chat control. I’m still baffled how the war on privacy has accompanied me throughout the whole span of my professional life so far.

With the rising numbers of COVID-19 infections it might be time to stockpile material to watch at home instead of going out to clubs. For the nerds among us who love to binge-watch conference material: The recordings from the Linux Plumbers Conference 2021 are available. Last week was also the Open Source Firmware Foundation Mini Summit in San Jose. Aside from a really good talk by Bryan Cantrill on The coming Firmware Revolution there is also a complete youtube playlist

Other noteworthy items include:

Workflow improvement for the week: I wasn’t aware that I can basically drag whatever I want into the Reminders app on macOS. This is especially useful with mails that contain items that I need for an item I work on. Example: I had a mail with return labels for stuff I had to ship. I dragged the mail onto and made an entry ‘ship stuff’. This item now contained a link to the mail with the pdfs. Really convenient.

Last, but not least: A non-technical item. This is an article about three people that elaborate why the lockdown in germany during COVID-19 wasn’t that bad and why it actually had good sides for them. Article is on german: Fuer mich war der Lockdown ein Segen