A weekly collection of items and thoughts that I find noteworthy but where I don’t get around to write something bigger about. These might be articles I’ve read, sites I’ve come around, things I learned or cool products I came across.

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Before diving into the recap of week 49 I want to point out the SCS Community Summit 8-bit retro edition that will happen on the 15th of december. Due to COVID-19 it will be an online event.

I’ll refrain from diving into the log4j issue, since this is basically covered everywhere. hugops to all the teams that patched and updated through the weekend.

I posted about irc yesterday and mentioned, that I’m also participating in a few communities that employ slack. One of them is rand’s leadership slack. This is a fantastic community - very open, welcoming and extremely little signal-noise (basically no-noise). There I also stumbled across a post by Martin Fowler on software architecture.

In the product management space outcome based product development has been a thing for a while. In case this is a new subject to you, this post gives a nice intro into PRFAQ style product management optimized for outcomes.

In a discussion last week, UX and design for open source software came up and the Open Source Design site was mentioned.

An interesting approach to working with git in a trunk-based-development style is being portrayed here.

The activists from the Digitale Gesellschaft Schweiz are publishing a (german) guide for digital sustainability. Really good and worth looking at.

While I’m much more a software than a hardware person, open hardware does interest me a lot. Ariadne gives a view on the problems that exist nevertheless.

This weeks re-cap I want to close off with bumping the awesome selfhosted list. Lots of people know it, but it is handy to have ;)