A weekly collection of items and thoughts that I find noteworthy but where I don’t get around to write something bigger about. These might be articles I’ve read, sites I’ve come around, things I learned or cool products I came across.

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Last week’s major happening for me was the SCS Community Summit 8-bit retro edition that took place on the 15th of december. Due to COVID-19 it was an online event, nevertheless it was a good day and it is nice to see that already a nice community has grown around the project.

For the german readers, there is an interesting interview by Heise with Yann Lechelle (CEO of Scaleway) on GAIA-X and Scaleway leaving the initiative. The same audience (german speakers) might want to listen to this episode of the Cloud Report which features Marc Korthaus (CEO of SysEleven). Among many other things, he touches a topic at the end of the episode that I can very much relate to: the CSPs need to work together.

While on the subject of cloud computing, I really need to plug the November issues of News from the Machineroom from gridscale. We’ve released a lot of cool stuff in November and early December. While gridFS (our fileserver-as-a-service) allows customers to build even more cool solutions, the location explorer is just really awesome to look at and play with ;)

The pragmatic engineer has released the holiday reading list ;) Many good titles on there.

While on the subject of reading, I was not aware that usenix changed things around for their magazine ;login:. Everything is now openly available and so is also the recent article on the Web3 Fraud.

The going public and future strategy of HashiCorp is subject of this article.

The engineering lead and product person in me got really a kick out of an article I read in increment (which just published the last issue. Kinda sad, since I really enjoyed it). It actually coins a term for something I was in search for: Technical Wealth. Go and read: Reframing technical debt.

Stay healthy and secure - for the latter one, peak at age. There is a nice post giving an intro to it.