I’ve started this format couple months ago with the following description:

A weekly collection of items and thoughts that I find noteworthy but where I don’t get around to write something bigger about. These might be articles I’ve read, sites I’ve come around, things I learned or cool products I came across.

Initially it was merely a list of link. Over the weeks it turned out to be more a post that sums up the stuff that has been mind-boggling to me over the week (which relates to the links, since that is obviously stuff I’ve spend time with ;). I’ll further adjust it a bit.

Feedback is very much welcome - see contact.

Things are slowing down, one aspect that I personally really like about the end-of-year period. Everyone else does the “looking back on the year”-posts, so I’ll refrain from that. I’ll post my reading recommendations from this year. Am currently on the last two books for this year. Lenz has sent me his copy of Debugging Teams recently. Since this a fairly short read it jumped the queue and is what I’m currently reading. I’ve finished “Sooner, Safer, Happier” last week - which will also be my major pick for this year. Incredibly good.

Eduard recapped the SCS Community summit in his article: Looking back at a successful year: Sovereign Cloud Stack Community Summit 2021.

Lenz is also the one who reminded me - with this tweet - about this very good article by Basecamp. One of the reads that one needs to bookmark and show others. I can totally relate to it, and also have lived through the temptations to make use of chat in ways that are not helpful in the longterm but ease things short term.

Earlier in december O’Reilly published their results of the “Cloud Adoption Survey” which they ran for the second time. They compare to the results of 2020.

The monitoring and observability person in me liked this post on looking at that matter and how the terms are being used.

In case you’ve been tempted to do more with ACME DNS challenge, I suggest to look at this project:

A few weeks ago, I mentioned an article about self-hosting e-mail and how it is becoming seemingly more complex, this post goes into a similar direction.

For the macOS peeps: There is a short article giving an intro on how to switch from Docker Desktop to Colima.

Eduard made me aware of the Open Leadership Training Series from Mozilla. Have not looked at it in depth, but will do over the next days. The next days are filled with the remote chaos experience - the fahrplan is available.