May, the month with tons of public holidays is about to end and Summer is officially to start. For the SCS project this month was especially important as our SCS Summit happened on the 14th of May. The event was back-to-back with the OpenInfra Day Berlin.

The SCS summit (sorry, the long version is only available in German) was a huge success and we’ve had a wonderful day at Villa Elisabeth. During the OpenInfra Day, we organized a forum session on interoperability and the work of the Public-Cloud SIG. I’ve sent a summary of the session to the openstack-discuss mailing list. Like every time these things are discussed everyone agrees that this needs to be done continuously and not just at these events, yet participation in the SIG is low. We’ll need to get more traction with this work.

I just finished listening to the changelog episode that interviewed Bryan Cantrill. Listening to Bryan is always fun. In the course of the interview, he elaborated on Oxide and their mission to build a superior on-prem cloud. This very much resonates with me - now take this a step further and imagine having an on-prem cloud that is interoperable and allows federation with the public cloud. Enter the world of SCS :) The Oxide system is much more than just an on-prem cloud since they have rethought a lot of the problems that traditional 19” systems have. A lot of their rack and compute design does remind me of OCP.

Other noteworthy stuff I consumed in the last weeks: I finally read Needful Things by Stephen King. One of their classics him. The German podcast Radio Nukular released two episodes on [Quentin Tarantino] earlier this year. Episode 215 - Quentin Tarantino Volume 1 and Episode 216 - Quentin Tarantino Volume 2. While I’ve watched the early movies quite a few times, the latter ones like Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight, I’ve only watched when they’re were released to the theatres. Time to re-watch them.

Just today I had the pleasure of attending the first webinar by the people behind waii. They demoed their text-to-SQL interfacing with osquery. Cool stuff. Recently I’ve been tinkering again with some thoughts about “how to do infrastructure management the proper way” and being able to interact with osquery in such a way - with the option of adding more context - is cool.

There is some traveling upcoming in the next couple of weeks. For once there is the APELL Conference hosted in Berlin on Tuesday. Later that month there is the Weizenbaum Conference.