APELL conference 2024

This week featured the APELL Conference 2024 on Tuesday (June 4th). APELL is Europe’s Open Source Business Association. It was founded in 2020 to bring national Open-Source Software (‘OSS’) organizations into a European network.

Opening Address at the APELL Conference

The OSBA holds the APELL presidency this year, as such it was our turn to organize the conference. My wonderful colleagues did a tremendous job in organizing an interesting program. In the morning there was a set of workshops—and the afternoon featured several keynotes. Among the talks in the afternoon was also a presentation by me and Kurt (actually, in the end it was held by Kurt) on the vision and mission of the Sovereign Cloud Stack project.

Kurt on stage at the APELL Conference

Univention Corporate Server and Nubus

At the Univention Summit at the beginning of the year Peter Ganten (Founder and CEO of Univention) unveiled in his keynote that Nubus will be the new product from Univention and that Nubus will bring the Identity and Access Management that the Univention Corporate Server offers to the Cloud Native World. This week, the first alpha preview of Nubus has been revealed.

Peter Ganten announces Nubus at the Univention Summit 2024

Sourcehut update

Drew DeVault published a post on the current status and the upcoming months regarding Sourcehut. They’ve had a rough start into 2024 but I do hope things now turn for the better for them. I migrated my stuff from my own gitea instance last year to sourcehut and have been pleased with it. Naturally, I think, it is important to have other options aside from GitHub. With Codeberg and Sourcehut there are two good alternatives out there.

How Gmail affects third-party email clients and their developers

I’ve been a long-term user of MailMate and the author of MailMate sends a mail to the MailMate users List describing the process he had to go through to make sure MailMate stays a valid and good client for Gmail. Quite an interesting read. If you’re on macOS, I strongly recommend taking a look at MailMate — it is a superb e-mail client. On my Linux/OpenBSD machines, I still use mutt (and revert to Thunderbird if I have to wade through numerous HTML mails but I can’t say that I’m really that comfortable with Thunderbird).