The past week was a conference week for me. It started with the 2018 edition of OpenRheinRuhr, continued with the 13th Open Source Monitoring Conference (for me it was the fourth one I attended, yet the first one as a speaker) and the third one was the Open Source Day of the OSB Alliance.

OpenRheinRuhr 2018

The OpenRheinRuhr is a community conference and was actually featured in episode 502 of floss weekly. For me these community conferences are a very good way to meet friends and while doing so get an update on what is happening within the community and open source landscape outside of my personal bubble. Like most (probably all) community conferences all helpers are volunteers and are doing an fanstatic job (one can’t thank them enough).

One of the talks I enjoyed was by Martin Alfke on why OPs hate containers (actually they don’t - but that was the title of his talk).

My talk “All your RESTful APIs are belong to us” was on Saunday afternoon. Despite that it was the last talk for the conference the room was full - nice indeed. Thanks to the audience for having participated in the discussion.

Open Source Monitoring Conference 2018

The OSMC is a very professionally organized conference - yet it feels like a class reunion. Over time the OSMC changed from being fairly nagios/icinga centric (obviously) to cover a wide range of topics all around monitoring, metrics and mindset in regard to these.

Personal highlight was the talk “Monitoring of Software Defined Networks”. Of course another highlight was the yearly icinga2 status update. At the status update the VMware vsphere db plugin for icingaweb was presented and released. Roughly 90% of the people in the room raised their hand when Bernd asked who uses vSphere.

On the first day I gave my talk “From Monitoring to ITSM”.

Netways published two articles with a recap on their blog: